PT-1 Travel Cell



The PT-1 Travel Cell allows users to measure the time consolidation or caking of their bulk materials in real world situations.


Using the PT-1 Travel Cell, users can study the effects of actual shipping and storage conditions on their bulk materials, whether it is vibration from trucks or rail cars or temperature fluctuations during day and night storage and shipping.

The Travel Cell consists of a powder compression cell and a force table that applies constant force to the sample regardless of orientation. Sample powder is put into the compression cell and the force table applies a know consolidating stress to the sample. The assembly is then shipped or stored with the actual material leaving the plant or being stored.

After this shipping or storage, the compression cell is removed from the force table and samples can be tested with various instruments like flow testers, particle size analyzers, humidity analyzers, etc. The flow properties of the powder can be measured using the Evolution Powder Tester or the Revolution Powder Analyzer. The EPT tests the sample powder's yield strength while the RPA measures the agglomeration level of the sample.