Volution Powder Flow Tester


More affordable than other powder shear testers on the market

Measures cohesion, angle of internal friction, wall friction, time consolidation

Measures Powder Charge with the ION Charge Module

Tests samples at pressures up to 250 kPa (50 kg of force)

Automatically weighs sample for density and compressibility 

Includes software, temperature probe, humidity probe



The Volution Solves Flowability Problems

The Volution Powder Flow Tester (VFT) measures the flow properties and bulk characteristics of powders and bulk solids. The system uses an annular shear cell to measure a powder's response to consolidating pressure using the yield locus technique. This allows the system to measure the cohesion and angle of internal friction of the material as well as its unconfined yield strength. The system also measures wall friction and compressibilty. Flow functions can be measured by testing the materials at different pressures.