Testing Services

Mercury Scientific offers a full line of testing services for powders and granular materials. Our standard packages are configured to provide data for typical powder handling issues. Custom packages can be configure on request. 


  Powder Stability Analysis (Flow, Caking and Aeration)
Description:   Unconfined Yield Strength; Time Unconfined Yield Strength at: 1 day, 30 Degrees Celsius @ 7.5 KPa; Dynamic Flow Analysis; Time Dynamic Flow Analysis at: 1 day, 30 Degrees Celsius @ 7.5 KPa; Dynamic Flow Analysis after Aeration (Drum Fluidization) 
Instrument: EVOLUTION Powder Tester & REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer
  Powder Flow Function 
Description: Unconfined Yield Strength at Five Points per Sample 
Instrument: EVOLUTION Powder Tester
   Dynamic Flow Analysis 
Description: Dynamic Flow Analysis; Multi-Flow Analysis; Fluidization Analysis 
Instrument: REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer
  Packing Analysis
Description:  Dynamic Flow Analysis; Vibration Analysis (Decrease in Volume & Increase in Strength Measurements) 
Instrument: REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer
  Fluidization Analysis
Description: Fluidization Analysis
Instrument: REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer
   Granulation Analysis
Description:  Dynamic Flow Testing; Prolonged Rotation for a Specified Time at an Increase Speed to Form Large Particles; Perform Dynamic Flow Testing Again to Measure the Change in Flow Performance
Instrument:  REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer
Description: Powder Stability Analysis, Powder Flow Function, Dynamic Flow Analysis & Packing Analysis
Instrument: EVOLUTION Powder Tester & Revolution Powder Analyzer

*Discounts are offered for testing more than five samples.  Please contact us for a quotation.