Our Approach

We, at Mercury Scientific Inc., have been in the powder testing business for over 20 years. We manufactured our first flowability instrument roughly 15 years ago. In this time we have measured literally thousands of samples. From this experience, we have developed guiding principles that we use to conduct our business.

1.) Our instruments must be economical in design - We design our instruments to do the job they are required to do, no more and no less. This is not as easy as it sounds. Typically our designs go through many stages to reduce complexity and cost. This extra engineering pays off for the users of our instruments. Our instruments are typically much less expensive than competing instruments and are more durable.

2.) Our instruments must be creative and unique - We take pride in our ability to offer products that take new approaches to measurements in our field. For this reason, all of our instruments have patented features or are in the process of being patented. We do not want to offer simply another version of any instrument on the market but something better.

3.) We must understand the needs of our customers - When scientists and engineers buy an instrument, they usually have very specific goals and needs in mind. We believe it is our job to understand these goals and needs to make sure our instruments meet the requirements of the application. For this reason, we test samples and offer demonstrations of our instruments so we can learn about the requirements of the user.

We believe in our instruments and you will too.