Universal Powder Lab

When testing powders and granular materials, it is beneficial to have many tests available to study the different processes and environmental conditions that materials will be exposed to. For this reason we offer the REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer and EVOLUTION Powder Tester with their accessories together as a package at a discounted price. This package price is roughly one quarter of the price of competing technology or of assembling individual instruments from other manufacturers for the same tests.

The Universal Powder Lab measurements include:

  • Unconfined Yield Strength Analysis
  • Time Unconfined Yield Analysis
  • Dynamic Flow Analysis
  • Flow Function Analysis
  • Fluidization Analysis
  • Caking Analysis
  • Packing Analysis
  • Attrition Analysis
  • Granulation Analysis
  • Multi-flow Analysis
  • Volumetric Dilation
  • Volumetric Contraction