Revolution Powder Analyzer Instrument Options

Each REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer includes:

  • One 100mm Large Sample Drum Assembly
  • One 100cc Sample Cup
  • One Set of Cables
  • One Revolution Powder Analyzer Software Package



The Following Additional Options are available:

1.)   50mm Small Sample Drum Assembly with small sample cup for measuring 6-25ccs of sample. 
2.) An additional 100mm Large Sample Drum Assembly with large sample cup. 
3.) 100m Extra Large Sample Drum Assembly for testing granular material, sample volume 500ccs. 
4.) Drum Locking Assembly for high vibrational energy packing test. 
5.) Set of Drum Seals for either small, large or extra large sample drums for making sample drums air and water tight. 
6.) IQ/OQ Certification Package which includes:  IQ/OQ Procedure, IQ/OQ Certification Document and Drum Test Standard.